Management Team

  iKnowtion was founded in 1999 to provide information-based marketing and analytic consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies. The principals of iKnowtion were longtime senior executives at several prominent marketing and consulting firms, where they led many groundbreaking marketing programs and introduced innovative ways to analyze and leverage data.

Similarly, iKnowtion's management team and staff are comprised of industry experts and specialists drawn from leading data-driven marketing, analytics, and performance measurement firms. We believe our combination of experience, expertise, and dedication to high impact solutions provides clients with the strategic support they need to drive tangible and sustainable business results.
BILL DUFFY, Managing Partner
DON RYAN, Senior Partner
MARCY RIORDAN, Partner and Americas Insights Practice Lead
MIKE MCGUIRK, Partner, Consulting Services
NIREN SIROHI, Ph.D., Partner, Data Science and Consulting
RAFAEL BRADLEY, Analytic Director
LYNNE HARROLD, Analytic Director
KEN HOWES, Analytic Director
NICHOLE YIM, Analytic Director
KATHY DIORIO, Director, Consulting Services
SUSANNE HENSEL-GOODWIN, Senior Director, Consulting Services
GEOFF MILLER, Senior Director, Consulting Services
ERIC PAPACEK, Director, Consulting Services
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