Insights you can act on. Results you can build on. In order to optimize marketing investments and achieve superior business results you need a deep understanding of how markets and consumers differ across many key dimensions, as well as insight about what stimulates desirable customer behaviors.  At iKnowtion, we draw on our extensive marketing analytics, business consulting, and channel marketing expertise to help you identify actionable insights and pursue strategic opportunities that will not only maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but produce real business impact where it matters most your bottom line.
General Motors and iKnowtion
A Winning Team at NCDM

Client Cases
Retailer - Generating Incremental Revenue & Greater Profitability
Marketing executives continue to seek ways to generate incremental revenue from their marketing programs. This client case describes how iKnowtion helped a national retailer by providing insight about key activities that drive profitability, a refined approach to segmentation and a customer development framework that led to millions of dollars in incremental revenue and greater profitability.
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WiseGuys Blog
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